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Air Fine particle Measurement Technology, Vehicle Fine Particle Emissions Reduction Technology, Household, Industrial & Diesel Vehicle NOx Reduction Technology, Indoor Pollutant Measurement Technology, Life Environment Improvement Technology(noise, vibration, odor)
Water Treatment High Class Sewage & Wastewater Treatment, Membrane, Pump·Valve, Swage & Excrements Treatment Technology, Water Resources Management System using IT Technology, Seawater Desalination, Deep sea water, Automatic Water quality Monitoring System
Waste Treatment Household Waste Reuse Technology, Construction Waste, Reuse Technology, Wastes from Manufacturing Industry, Plastic Resources reuse Technology, Abandoned Metal reuse Technology
Industries Responding to Climate Change Companies implemented with Greenhouse Gas & Energy Target Management, CDM vercation Entitles, CDM Consulting Firms
(Low Impact Development)
Tree Box Filters, Extensive Green roofs, Dry Wells, Bioretention, Multi-Function Rain Barrel, Planter Box, Non-point pollution reduction facility.
Government Policy PR Government policy promotion hall, Environmental Public Institutions promotion hall,Local Government Promotion Hall, Environment R&D Promotion hall.
Eco Industry Recycle products, Green products, ECO idea products, ECO Oce equipment, ECO Home Appliances, ECO Household goods, ECO IoT, Eco-friendly education.